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Orissa Chair

(A Study centre for Lord Jagannatha, Mahaprabhu Chaitanya and Bhaktakavi Jayadeva)

The Orissa Chair was established under Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, (Deemed University), Tirupati, on behalf of the Government of Orissa, with the aims of carrying out intensive and extensive research work and to bring out Publications on three important aspects of not only the culture of Orissa but also  of India  viz Lord Sri Jagannatha Dharma and his Cult, Sri Chaitanya and his

 Cultural Activities at Orissa Chair  

Philosophy,and Sri Jayadeva and his Literature.  Orissa Chair was established in this




Vidyapeetha with the munificent grant sanctioned by the Government of Orissa.   Prajnana Vacaspati Srijukta Janaki Ballabha Pattnaik the then Chief Minister and present Chancellor of Vidyapeetha was kind enough to sanction an amount of Rs. 50,00000(Fifty Lakh) to institute a chair in this Vidyapeetha to carry out research and extension activities on Shri Jagannatha Culture, Shri Jayadeva Literature, Shri Chaitanya Philosophy. Prof. S.B.Raghunatha Acharya the then Vice-Chancellor of the Vidyapeetha was instrumental in pursuing the Orissa Govt. in establishing the Chair. Late Prof. Ramaranjan Mukherji, Former Chancellor of Our Vidyapeetha and Prof Harekrishna Satapathy the then Vice-Chancellor of SJSV Puri and present Vice-Chancellor of our Vidyapeetha played a key role in getting the Chair established.


          The Chair was formally inaugurated in the year 2000. Justice Sri Ranganatha Mishra, Chairman ,Central Board of Sanskrit Education Govt. of India has inaugurated the Chair on 15th October,2000. Justice Sri Ranganatha Mishra speaking on the occasion observed that the Vidyapeetha is the right institution for carring out research on the subject. Prof. Harekrishna Satapthy the then Vice-Chancellor  of Shri Jagannatha Sanskrit University and present Vice-Chancellor of Our Vidyapeetha delivered the inaugural address on the occasion.


  • Constitute and expound theoretical framework from the primary intellectual texts of the Jagannatha tradition.

  • To undertake research on Shri Jagannatha Culture

  • To undertake research on Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

  • To undertake research on the poetics of Shri Jayadeva

  • To propogate Shri Jagannatha Culture and universal brotherhood

  • To bring out rare works on the three subjects.

  • To organize workshops, seminars and conferences on the subjects

  • To organize extension lecture series.

  • To organize orissan culture day

  • To prepare bibliography of works available on the subjects.

  • To organize cultural exchange tour of students.

Undertake comparative research in Indian and Western traditions of thought in literary and cultural theory, philosophy including philosophy of  and prosody, sociological thought, polity, gender, and ethnic studies and culture.
These objectives are sought to be achieved by our associates or researchers through a carefully evolved teaching, research program’s, organizing seminar at national level, various books  and research articles are publishing at our study centre in (Orissa Chair) premises of Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.


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